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• The Transformative Power of Veganism *Signature*
In this one-of-a-kind lecture, Ruby Roth shares her personal and
professional journey as an example of the transformative power of
veganism. Exploring the media response to her controversial children’s
books, Ruby reveals the invisible forces that shape public thinking about
animals, health, and children.

Weaving together health and spirituality, food, politics, and popular
culture, Ruby connects the dots between our personal choices and the
public realm, showing us how changing our diets can change our lives—
and the world we live in. Whether you’re a vegan veteran or a com-
mitted omnivore, Ruby will inspire you to rethink the status quo and our
roles in the social landscape of America.

• A New Generation: Teaching Kids to Love Deeply,
Think Critically, and Act Responsibly

Ruby discusses how to raise socially-responsible, conscious kids in today’s
world of slick corporate marketing. Covering the joys of engaging
kids in healthy eating and compassion for animals, Ruby also includes the
controversies involved and clear tips on how to overcome them. Whether
you’re raising kids, have nieces and nephews, or work with children other
than your own, this session is sure to make you rethink your approach!

• Engaging Youth in Animal Rights
• School readings and PowerPoint presentations

See what others had to say!

"Ms. Roth, you had by far my favorite portion of last year's
Engaging Youth talk!

Michael A. Weber, Program Director, Animal Rights Conference

“Very sophisticated and multi-layered.“
Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D.(H)

“I could have listened to your presentation for hours. The visuals are
so great and really prove the points we need to hear. I was totally
captivated by it all.”

Beth K., Michigan

“Thank you for your knowledge and inspiration! I am vegan, but my
parents are meat and dairy consumers. My mother came with me to
the event and we sat together to listen to your seminar. I am so glad
that she heard what you have to say!”

Stephanie S., Michigan

Past Events

World Fest
Animal Rights Conference
Green Festival, San Francisco
Green Festival, Los Angeles
World Peace & Yoga Jubilee
Cleveland Vegan Society VegFest
VegMichigan Vegfest
Animal Acres
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