A (Not Boring) Gift List by Personality Type

December 10, 2014

As a fellow tree-hugging, animal-loving, system-bucking rebel, I'm sure, like me at this time of year, that you get a little 'toxicated on the fumes of mass consumerism.

It's total madness and repulsive, but you know you're going to shop a little, too. So if you're buying in, just do some good at the same time.

Here's a list of gift ideas full of things I've enjoyed this year, people whose products I love, people I love, and companies who make cool stuff and leave animals out of it.

Cheers to them!


For fashion-inclined girls with a heart. 

Boy Toy Tee - Floral
• Bruceheart apparel by vegan hotties Rylee and Elle (per their usual animal
support, 5% of sales go to Little Love animal rescue this month). 

• Jessica the Tree Kisser takes "tree-hugging" to the next level
with her 
T-shirt line. 

GoJane is one of my favorite stops for vegan shoes you can afford.
Use the code FREESHIP60 to get free shipping on orders over $60.
They have gift cards, too (scroll to the very bottom of their site). 



The Way of the Superior Man
 (ladies and gentlemen, I love this book...every 
man needs a copy and every woman seeking a manly man needs it for her
own clarity, too).  

• All-vegan, cruelty-free luxury colognes and suits for the Brave Gentleman. 

• Love these reusable drink-container-slash-beer-mugs

• Kick and stomp with these serious vegan boots (unisex, actually!).


Whether this person lives for life's pleasures or usually denies
themselves all things enjoyable, the list is the same...

• The best organic Rose Water Hydrosol in the worldfrom a wonderful farm
owned by a veteran crusader of the California organic farming
movement, Janet Brown.

• I learned this year that great socks are a life changer in terms of daily
These are fair-trade, non-toxic organic cotton and use wind
—do consumer products get any better?! And these ones are just
super warm—an alternative for friends and fam in cold ares who need a
push to give up wool.  


• Detox Market has a great selection of vegan/cruelty-free beauty products, 
nail polishes, and makeup brushes (check individual items, though—not
everything is vegan).


This person seriously needs to calm down. These things will help.

Best Skin Ever Rose, Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn and Zippity DewDab
• The loveliest essential oils (and wrinkle creams, ha!) for calming one's
skin...and spirit.

• Stress/anxiety/tummyache-reducing toothpicks (I turn the car around if I
leave the house without them). Or your local health food store should have
them...leave some for me, though. 

• Force laughter. On paper, she really works for me (I was never a fan
until there were books).


Aren't we all, though?  

• Adopt an elephant from Lek Chailert's reputable sanctuaries (she's the
incredible activist in the film "How I Became and Elephant")

• These faces! Support a senior dog rescue.

• Nature is all-powerful! This non-fiction book about how the world might 
recover without us here is a mind-boggler. 

• With your purchases, support Farm Sanctuary with their very own credit card!  

• Moral Minority has great message T-shirts and hoodies that support all kinds
of activism: animal rights, women's rights, LGBT, ocean conservation, education,
and more...and 20% of each purchase supports the specific cause. 


For the friends who "don't have time or money" to be healthier. Help them
get their priorities straight.

• The prettiest salad spinner/storage (wash salad once, eat it for at least a couple days).

• This little blender is super powerful, portable, and affordable. As seen on TV and in my house when David Wolfe comes over and makes everyone smoothies like he does on the  Home Shopping Network. 

• Pretty plants that hardly ever need watering for people with "no time" for plant-life. Your local nursery should have them, too. 

• Non-GMO groceries delivered to your door at discount prices. Use code GPDB15to get $15 off your first order (with club membership). 



• This hardcore vegan message T-shirtOr this one.

• Send the vegan message to any meat-eating rebel type with this book

• Controversial authors have to stick together! Check out my friend, Sirius Radio host Rude Jude's book of wild and depraved life adventures (á la Charles Bukowski and Hunter S. Thompson. Warning: not for the easily offended, but I find the brutal honesty refreshing and the vision of the world actually relatable!).

Happy conscious-gifting! Please nominate your favorite gifts in the comments below!

Vegan Author Schools News Anchors

December 3, 2014

In the greenroom just before this TV interview, a producer gently warned me that the anchors would likely take a tough stance against my book, Vegan Is Love.

I imagine that she, the producer, had taken in my small stature, the cuteness of my book cover, and had suddenly felt badly about throwing an innocent little children's book author to the wolves.

"It's okay," I told her, playing soft. Secretly, I was already hardened from my FOX interview, plus I had just returned from a health conference. I was feeling pretty damn sharp. 

The anchors, of course, went in as they do. Along with other feigned concerns about protein and ostracization, they suggested that Vegan Is Love might fall into the category of things parents do to "traumatize" children at an early age.

By the end of the interview, as I stepped off the stage, I could feel it had not gone as expected by any of the KTLA staff...enjoy it!



P.S. Today is the LAST DAY to save 50% on all my limited edition art prints from Vegan Is Love and That's Why We Don't Eat Animals. These prints are reminders of our love for animals and the planet—a gift that lasts forever! Hurry, the sale ends tonight at 6p PST!

vegan shoes




Ebola, Meat, and the Future of Veganism

November 5, 2014


Ebola is like the best thing ever for the media, fodder to keep their fear-based ratings on fire. Meanwhile, more Americans have been married to Kim Kardashian than have died from the virus this year.  And in the U.S., about 136 million hamburgers are eaten per day—and those are pretty much chock-full of disease-causing virus and bacteria. 

In the back (front) of my mind, I associate animal products with disease, so when I heard on my car radio that the current outbreak of Ebola has been traced back to bushmeat, I banged my fist on the steering wheel because...I. Knew. It. 

Not shocked, bushmeat being any wild animal hunted for human consumption—rats, squirrels, antelope, monkeys, etc. It's not just factory-farmed animals who carry disease. 

The first Ebola victim, dubbed "Child Zero", died in December 2013 in Guinea after the family had been hunting bats, known to carry the virus. The virus doesn't easily jump the species barrier, but it happens. And in Ghana, over 100,000 bats are killed and sold every year for food (BTW, want to see a rescued baby bat respond to loving care? See the video below).

In many interviews, people ask me about my vision for the future of veganism. My answer is this: I believe that eating animals is so entirely unsustainable, that it will eventually collapse—either because the masses become educated and stop funding the market, or because of some unstoppable "food"-borne virus that shuts down the system.

And as for countries and cultures that rely on bushmeat for survival? Whose lands are not conditioned for plant-based crops? There are non-toxic, organic methods of "pedogenesis" (building soil) and products in the works that essentially turn dirt—and even toxic land—into rich soil. 

Read about Michael Meléndrez and his humid acid/soil work. This is the future. 



P.S. Speaking of bats...watch a sanctuary-rescued baby bat respond to loving care: