L.A. Event + Dealing With Vegan Haters

January 24, 2015

Guess what.

I just saw a freakin' Applebee's commercial advertising QUINOA on the menu...WTH?!

Of course Applebee's is far from vegan, but would you ever have imagined?!

It just goes to show that despite the haters and the flack everyone gives us about being veg, they're listening and watching and changing. You don't always need to deal with haters directly. Indirect action is working, too. 

Vegans are driving a big change in the market. We demand, the grocers and restaurants supply, and all the laggards give in to new, normalized choices (a decision they think they arrived at by themselves, haha!)  

The point...to wield your power faster, make friends with your local restraunteurs and grocers so you can request more vegan products for the masses. It actually works. Here's a start:

If you're in L.A. (and if not, please share with all your L.A. friends), come hang out with me (and other cool vendors) this Saturday, January 24th, at the grand opening of Lassen's health food store in Echo Park (1631 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90026; phone: 213-542-6535).

Vegans unite and the masses will follow! Think that to yourself next time you're dealing with haters.